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Keeping Amateur Radio in Space!

Welcome to the AMSAT Membership and Event Portal

This is the home of the AMSAT Membership and Event portal, including membership information, applications, renewals, and member account management, as well as AMSAT event information and registration. Current members should review these instructions for information on how to access your member account.

For more information about AMSAT and all the exciting things we do to keep amateur radio in space and the next generation reaching for the stars, please visit


The Radio Amateur Satellite Corporation (as AMSAT is officially known) is a scientific and educational non-profit corporation chartered in the District of Columbia in 1969. We design, construct, test, and operate space stations in the amateur satellite service. We also make available a variety of publications, computer programs, educational services, and internet services, promoting space science education among radio amateurs and students worldwide.

For over 50 years AMSAT has played a key role in significantly advancing the state of the art in space science, space education, and space technology. Undoubtedly, the work now being done by AMSAT volunteers throughout the world will continue to have far-reaching, positive effects on the future of Amateur Radio, as well as other governmental, scientific and commercial activities in the space, the final frontier.



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Keeping Amateur Radio in Space!

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